Hello Designers and Educators!
We want to improve the graphic design critique through a new  flickr project. We’re collecting critique prompts from awesome people like you, and we’d love for you to contribute.

Here’s what the project involves: think of a critique prompt, hand-letter it on a piece of paper, take a snapshot of it and upload it to flickr.com/thecrit.
All contributions to this project are a community owned resource. Prompts may be used in and out of the classroom to provoke discussion. For example, in a classroom setting perhaps each student goes to the site and randomly selects a prompt to discuss. Or prompt imagery may be collected and used to create provocative critique artifacts—critique cards, posters, t-shirts, mugs, etc.

If you are a practicing designer, this is your chance to refresh the critique process by infusing it with your experience.

No more dull critiques! Let’s shake things up a bit.
This spring we are hosting a participatory design webinar sponsored by Adobe and the  AIGA Design Educators Community. If you are interested in participating, keep your eyes out for more details.


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