The instructions explain how to use the card deck to respond to a design prompt. However, I encourage you to experiment to discover how the deck might best help you incorporate and/or reflect upon the use of predictive algorithms in your practice.

Workshop Instructions for ML Cards

  • Each group should have a deck of cards. Separate your cards into four piles (one color in each pile). Set aside the gray cards for now. Focus on the blue, red and green cards for this first round. 
  • Pull a prompt from the provided options or begin with a prompt of your own. Once the first prompt is selected, draw a card from each of the three piles. Be sure to select whatever card appears on top of the pile. Don’t shift through them to select the best one.
  • Working together as a group respond to the prompt using the strategies on the three selected cards. Focus on one strategy at time initially and then begin to combine strategies. To use a card ask yourself: “How could your design [do whatever’s on the card] to respond to the prompt, i.e. meet a human need?”
  • Move through this exercise several times using new prompts. Then pick several of your strongest ideas.
  • Sketch out your ideas to explore each of the experiences or interfaces that you came up with. 
  • Now return to the pile of gray cards. Consider the questions posed on all 9 gray cards in relation to each of your sketches. Iterate/revise as appropriate.
  • Come back together as a larger group to discuss the results.