Making Astronomy Accessible

This week, Alexandra Grossi (NCSU MGD ’17) and I travelled to Yerkes Observatory in Wisconsin. There we met with a team of researchers and educators committed to making the study

Exploring Conversational Interface with SAS Analytics

Exploring Conversational Interface with SAS Analytics What is the role of Natural Language in SAS products? This year’s NCSU graphic design seniors took on this question through an 8-week collaboration

VR. No One Can Tell You, You Are Doing It Wrong. Yet

Interested in designing user interfaces for virtual reality? Take a look at my recent Design Observer article on the topic, written with NCSU senior graphic design major, Madeline Bone. In-world,

What Does That Say? A Low Vision Design Workshop at Drake

Last week I traveled to Des Moines to work with graphic design students at Drake University. We spent two days discussing, concepting, prototyping and testing data visualizations for low vision users.

Re-envisioning the North Carolina Museum of Natural Sciences’s Acro Exhibition as an Autism Friendly Space

Last semester the North Carolina Museum of Natural Sciences asked NC State graphic designer seniors in my special topics studio to take on a complex problem. One of their key exhibitions—the Acrocanthosaurus Exhibition—was not

How might designers create data visualizations for low-vision users?

How might designers create data visualizations for low-vision users? Undergraduate graphic design students at NC State University collaborated with SAS Analytics to answer this question as they explored how SAS

Fast Co.Design Features an Essay from Digital Design Theory!

Yay! Fast Co. Design explored the Post Human as they profiled Haakon Faste’s essay from my new book Digital Design Theory. Thanks Fast Co! Wake up people: “A Post-Human World is Coming.”

NCSU Graphic Design Summer Studio 2016

This month I taught the NCSU Design Lab Graphic Design Summer Studio. This week-long immersive experience introduces high school students to the glories of graphic design. Over the course of

VR Prototyping at Moogfest 2016

Dr. Derek Ham and I lead a Virtual Reality Prototyping Workshop at Moogfest this spring. Using VR to prototype for the real world?? Think again. Let’s use the real world

Recent Interview on Desktop Mag Exploring the Context of Digital Design Theory

Want to hear more about the thinking behind Digital Design Theory? Desktop ran an interview. Check it out.