A New Grad Degree at Miami University: the XD MFA

Offered collaboratively by Graphic Design and Interactive Media Studies, our new MFA in Experience Design stands at the intersection of design and technology. Human-centered, technology-fueled, collaboratively-crafted, research-driven—our program explores the full gamut of user experience.

Visiting Artists for 2014-2015
Aggie Toppins
Richard Elaver
John Foster
Kate Creason and Megan Deal
—Ron Hall
—Bob DeSchutter
Laurie Haycock-Makela
—Silas Munro

As Graduate Director of the Experience Design Program, I led the Grad Core Studio. Below is a sampling of this semester’s projects:

A Procedural Zine (workshop with visiting designer Aggie Toppins)

Modular Systems (workshop with visiting designer Richard Elaver)

A Community-Building Project for the Studio

A Group WordBuild

xd wordbuild from Helen Armstrong on Vimeo.