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My new book: Big Data. Big Design: Why Designers Should Care about A.I. . Order here . What does this topic have to do with you? Designers stand at the

How Can Machine Learning Help Knowledge Workers to Efficiently Enter Their Workflow Each Morning?

Master of Graphic Design (MGD) students collaborated with the Laboratory of Analytic Sciences (LAS) here at NC State to explore the potential of a Tailored Daily Report (TLDR)—an intelligent, interactive

Autonomous Vehicles as Mobile Data Collection Devices

Seniors in our GD400 course spent 9 weeks digging into autonomous vehicles and data collection with Red Hat. The Central Research Question: How can the data collected by an AV

Using Knowledge Graphs to Make Critical Decisions

In the midst of the pandemic, The NC State Laboratory for Analytic Sciences (LAS) partnered with our master’s students in the NCSU College of Design’s Graphic Design Department to tackle

Solving Challenges for Chief Data Officers with A.I.

Fall 2020, seniors at NC State worked with a team at SAS Analytics to design an experience within SAS Information Catalog that utilizes Machine Learning (ML) and Artificial Intelligence (AI)

Interested in discussing machine learning & design with your class? Here’s a two part lecture.

Here is a two part lecture series to initiate a discussion of machine learning with your design students. I’m happy to lead a Q&A followup if you contact me. Please

“Who’s Afraid of Machine Learning” Cards

Who’s Afraid of Machine Learning? This semester I created a set of cards to help design students explore the potential functionality of machine learning, while considering the ethical implications of

What Role Might Machine Learning Ethically Play in Retail Spaces?

What Role Might Machine Learning Ethically Play in Retail Spaces? Last spring, grad students in the Master’s in Graphic Design Program at North Carolina State University partnered with an auto

How Can We Support Data Literacy in Middle Schoolers?

As decisions become increasingly data-driven, the ability to interrogate data is emerging as a key skill for self-advocacy. Unfortunately, marginalized communities most heavy impacted by algorithmic decision making are often

Whose Data Is It Anyway? Ever Had Trouble Accessing Your Own Medical Data?

How can the design of an intelligent interface empower patients to access secure personal data repositories, thus giving patients agency over their own medical data? Over the course of the