Seniors in our GD400 course spent 9 weeks digging into autonomous vehicles and data collection with a team from Red Hat.

The Central Research Question: How can the data collected by an AV benefit human passengers and communities in ways unrelated to the functionality of the car? 

This project asked students to consider topics like data privacy and security, open data sets, edge computing and machine learning.

The Process

Students from NC State and professionals from Red Hat gathered in a room with tables and post it notes to launch the project.
documents and diagrams that indicate secondary research; documents that show image and text of personas
Images of User Journey Map diagrams that lay out each step in the persona's current user experience; images of data visualizations that demonstrate benchmarking
image of a large piece of paper with a grid made of blue lines of tape and post-it notes, a Data Possibility Matrix and numerous sketches of early interface ideas.
numerous hand drawn storyboards of early ideas for user experience. One set of digitally produced storyboards that demonstrate a user experience for landscapers involving a rectangular autonomous vehicle with a screen along the side.
Images of student work hung on the wall with students and Red Hat folks discussing and pointing
image of digitally produced storyboards of user experience with AV. Images of digitally produced UI designs during early stages of the project.

Team One: Smarter Customer Acquisition

Smarter Customer Acquisition: Sara Beaver, Brogan Williams, Lindsay Caslin
As a roof repair manager, Victor wants to use data more efficiently in order to improve his customer acquisition process.

Team Two: Where New Communities Start

Team 3: EMT & AV Responsive Informed Care

Jimi wants to reach his patients faster and be more prepared for their needs when he arrives. He knows that response time and preparation can make all the difference in how effectively he can treat people.

EMT & AV Responsive Informed Care: Maryssa Almasy, Emma Carter, Jillian Tyler