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This course introduces motion into the skillset of graphic designers and serves as an introduction to Flash and AfterEffects. The projects whet our students appetites for a more robust course in interaction design. The focus is on what designers need to know and will need to know to be successful in today’s profession.
Infographic Project

Student Project Reel
Individual Infographic Projects

Dolphins: Eric Seyferth

Third World: Sam Childs

Procrastination: Austin Li

Tanning: Jane Manchester

Corn: Kristen Gebhardt

Smoking: Liz Schafer

Dementia: Colleen Griffiths
The Lyric Project

Student Project Reel
Griffiths, Lyric Project, Art 254 Armstrong 1
Seyferth, Lyric Project, Art 254 Armstrong
Schafer, Lyric Project, Art 254 Armstrong
Brennan, Lyric Project, Art 254 Armstrong
Title Sequence Project

Student Project Reel